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With new proximity-detection technology, it allows them to have meaningful, personalized conversations with customers

Serves better ahead-order service

Something that can frustrate people in restaurant is to wait their order for long time, even after having ordered ahead. Avoid this by installing a long-range Ripplinq, that will send an alert to kitchen staff once the customer is within a certain distance from the location. This ensures that staff has the order ready.

We can integrate the KOT with the POS, a similar setup can be done for demo as well

Inform the customers how crowded the restaurant before they come.

One way to keep the customers time is by giving them information how busy and crowded the restaurant. Installing Ripplinq around a restaurant will provide real-time information in how many people are exactly dining there at that time.

Push offers based on customers’ favorite dish

The main idea here is to have a good understanding of the value offered to customers as well as possible. For instance, give the customers feature to mark their favourite menu and dish on the ripplinq system. Then, when they walk by the restaurant someday, the restaurant can automatically push Offers based on the menu they have bookmarked before.

Arranges scavenger hunts

As in the case of events, gamification plays a crucial role in offering enhanced customer engagement at restaurants. This helps you prevent boredom by involving your customers in various events that are held at your restaurant, by delivering personalized deals and messages.

Customizes menus and price to satisfy customers

Another way of personalizing customers’ dining experiences is to deploy ripplinq to deliver custom menus to satisfy customers based on previous orders and visit history. To push things a little further, deliver custom pricing, rewarding those customers who pay frequent visits. Even better, offer customized discounts for first-time customers, encouraging them to come back often.

Gains deeper insight about restaurant traffic

Restaurant can use ripplinq to collect a lot of information data such as the number of ripplinq hits and customer dwell time at ripplinq within a specified time and date range, busiest hours throughout the day or week, number of customers served and many more. It also make improvements on better allocation of staff and services.

The ideas mentioned above are certain to get restaurant started in the right direction. With all advanced ripplinq technology, it empowers restaurant to increase the customers engagement and to fulfill their demand and satisfaction.

Develop your business through this advanced technology.



Few sample Usage

  • Marketing messaging
  • Delivering tailored menu to loyal customers
  • Let your customers know how crowded the restaurant is before they arrive
  • Custom pricing for different customers
  • Get a better insight into your restaurant
  • Allow guests to make mobile payments

Project Details

IoT Enabled Restaurant

  • McDonald
  • Pizza Hut
  • Subway
  • Four Points and more..
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