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Smart Lighting

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Smart Lighting Control

(The smart lighting that serves to reduce energy consumption)

Smart lighting is a lighting technology designed for energy efficiency. This may include high efficiency fixtures and automated controls. Smart lighting is the good way which enables to minimize and save light by allowing to control remotely lighting, and the control of appliances. This ability saves energy and provides a level of comfort and convenience. From outside the traditional lighting industry, the future success of lighting will require involvement of a number of stakeholders and stakeholder communities. The concept of smart lighting also involves utilizing natural light from the sun to reduce the use of man-made lighting, and the simple concept of people turning off lighting when they leave a room.

Use of sensors

Automatic lighting systems including occupancy sensors and individual (personal) controls are suitable for open-plan office environments and can save a significant amount of energy (about 32%) when compared to a conventional lighting system, even when the installed lighting power density of the automatic lighting system is ~50% higher than that of the conventional system.


A complete sensor consists of a motion detector, an electronic control unit, and a controllable switch/relay. The detector senses motion and determines whether there are occupants in the space. It also has a timer that signals the electronic control unit after a set period of inactivity. The control unit uses this signal to activate the switch/relay to turn equipment on or off.

Smart Home Switches

Feature Set:
  • Remote ON/OFF–Turn electrical devices on/off from anywhere
  • App Support –iOS and Android compatible
  • Sync Status–Real-time device status provided to App
  • Timing–Set scheduled/countdown timers to turn on/off at specified time
  • Share Control– Control your smart home together with your family
  • Scene–Turn on/off a gang of devices with one tap
  • Smart Scene–Trigger on/off by temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions
  • Voice Control –Works perfectly with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, - Google Home
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Smart IOT Lighting Solution

An IoT controller ability to interact with a mobile App to control Smart lights and We had engineered the circuitry, firmware code and the mobile App (iOS and Android) creating a connected hub for the device.

With the help of our app, you can control and monitor all your Lighting Devices individually and collectively. Our devices are designed to seamlessly adapt to your living and working environment, allowing you to monitor and manage the same from the comfort of your phone and Control Switch board, in a comfortable and convenient fashion.