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IoT Workflow

software for industries

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IoT Workflow software for industries

We built a workflow solution which comprises of the following features:

  • Machine management
  • Process route map management
  • Client management
  • Product management
    • Finished​ product
    • Semi finished
    • Raw material
  • User management
  • Drawings management
    • ACAD
    • EASM
    • PDF
  • Purchase management
  • Quality Management

the above functionalities build was on a web based backend and android app, deployed in multiple factories and stores to ensure the order process can be tracked, monitored and delivered in an efficient TAT.


1 .Web based responsive backend
2 .Offline sync using application storage
3 .Android application

We handling device connectivity and interoperability within your manufacturing facility, you can easily collect, manage, and monitor all of the equipment on and around your plant floor

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