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IoT Works

Let your car talk back

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Let your car talk back

It is a plug and play IoT device which turns any car into a smart car. Comprising of a custom built firmware chip and Bluetooth stack the response time is fast and accurate with no data loss or lag

It is comprises of a self-installable plug and play device and an app (Android, iOS and Windows phone) which together creates a Smart environment through the diagnostic port of the car. Once you connect the device to the car, launch the App and connect (through Bluetooth) to the device to open a new world of possibilities

  • Fuel Analysis,
  • Diagnostics,
  • Tag,
  • Accident Prevention,
  • Locating your car,
  • Finding you a parking location,
  • Opening of Doors/Trunk,
  • Even starting your cars Engine all from a tap on your phone !