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Ripplinq is revolutionary software platform that interact offline usage with online content.

The Internet of Things - Past couple of years has made significant strides to adopt new and innovative technologies like NFC, QR codes, iBeacon and Augmented Reality among many others. Such connected technologies are helping reshape users experiences

Ripplinq is one such technology helping create enhanced end-to-end experiences at airports, seamlessly through passengers smartphones without INTERNET & APP.

Ripplinq being used to help people in their daily lives. eg. Travel City Transport, Malls, Airports, Tourism & Hospitality, Restaurant, Healthcare, Library, Hotels, Real Estate, Museum, Retail, Schools and Universities, Zoos and Theme Parks, Smart Cities, Events, Stadiums and more

How does this work?

  • A Ripplinq is a Small device transmitting Wifi Signal
  • Select the Wifi network name (Ripplinq)
  • If the device has successfully connected to the wireless network and open Ripplinq Platform, If not, Open the browser and type “rippling”

The best thing about this rippling project!

The beauty of this approach is that the rippling do not even need an internet and app for it.