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Ripplinq is revolutionary software platform that interact offline usage with online content.

The travel and tourism industry, over the past couple of years has made significant strides to adopt new and innovative technologies like NFC, QR codes, iBeacon and Augmented Reality among many others. Such connected technologies are helping reshape passenger experiences.

Ripplinq is one such technology helping create enhanced end-to-end experiences at airports, seamlessly through passengers smartphones without INTERNET & APP.

Ripplinq solutions make Airport smarter. When a Passenger or Customer with a smart phone enters within the proximity of the ripplinq fixed in Airport, it locate the Passenger and update the latest flight Schedule(Departure, Arrival), Navigate shops and Gates, way finding, baggage collection Tour info and Video, Shopping and Food offers. Also we can book a car and locate Car Parking etc. It does not require the tedious pairing and connection.

Example : American Airline installed 77 beacons in terminals 4 to 6 and LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal. Frequent fliers who have downloaded the airline's app can receive directions to their gates. These are the airports already connected with Beacons

Use case

  • Navigation : The airport uses interactive navigation maps to guide passengers along common navigation paths such as, information desks, ATMs, power outlets, public transport points, check-in counters, immigration, boarding/arrival gates and baggage claim areas.
  • Look up info : Allows passengers to easily look up any section, store or restaurant with just one click. Passengers can also select their flight on the Ripplinq,  in order to receive relevant information with regards to the flight.
  • Personalised Update: Airport is helping improve passenger experiences by providing passengers with personalized updates, directions and tips based on their location and needs at the airport.
  • Parking : Airport – enabling mobile payment for the parking ticket in the airport parking lot
  • Retail Information : Send contextual retail information and promotions to passenger based on their location in the terminal.
  • Fast Track Security : Ripplinq at the airport also facilitate access to Fast Track Security for the airport’s Premier Gold members, thus allowing them to use their frequent flyer card automatically.
  • Free Internet Access : Passenger can register through ripplinq and get free internet access
  • Online Shopping and Payment : Passenger can buy and Pay Online without internet
  • Staff : Ripplinq will help to identify the location of staff in order to assign and communicate tasks specific to his/her location in the airport. This unique initiative makes Japan Airlines the first airline to use Ripplinq to improve the operational efficiency of staff.

Project Details

IoT Enabled Airport

  • Tokyo Haneda Airport
  • Heathrow Airport
  • John F. Kennedy Airport, NY
  • San Francisco Airport
  • Miami International Airport
  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • Shivaji International Airport(CSIA)
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